Read. Read. Read.

Here you’ll find recommendations and reviews of my favorite books!

“Reading is to your mind, what exercise is to your body.”

How amazing will it be, if we read one book a week? That is about 4 books a month, and 52 books a year.

Books contain decades of experience and can save us from thousands of setbacks, if put into practice.

With an average reading speed (200-250 words per minute) and a reading habit of only 30 minutes a day, we could manage to read a 50.000 word book in only one week. That’s the power of consistency!

Glimpse of the last months

Want to choose your next book? You may take one of the following into consideration.

Eat That Frog

Author: Brian Tracy (time management coach) Becoming super productive can be difficult, especially when tend to procrastinate. This book offers 21 ways how to approach your work.

How to Break Up with Your Phone

Author: Catherine Price (ebook edition) This is a 30-Day Plan to redesign the relationship between you and your phone to win life back.

Denken Sie Neu

Author: Markus Hofmann (memory expert) This book covers the downsides of the digital age when it comes to brain function. The author shows us how to overcome digital dementia. (language: German)


Author: Jim Kwik (world-renowned brain coach) This book provides science-based tips on accellerated learning, recall, decision-making, brain health and a lot more.

The Inner Game of Music

Author: Barry Green, based: W. Timothy Gallwey The book deals with the inner game during a musical performance. It breaks down nervousness, self-doubt and the fear of failure and shows us how to find bliss and enjoyment.

Speed Reading

Author: Tony Buzan (inventor of “mind mapping”) In this masterpiece the psychologist explains how we can level up our reading speed and comprehension while navigating us through practical exercises. (language: German)

Monthly Challenge

Challenges are a great way to keep the fire burning. Choose one of the books above or any other one you always wanted to read.

I’m really curious and care about your progress. Let me know which one you decided on.

Build A Consistent Reading Habit

“Reading is to your mind, what exercise is to your body.” You can join me on Goodreads and together we will hit our reading goals.