Hey friends, my name is Jupin and I am a 13th grade student.

My profession is being a student, with no doubt – my goal (since kindergarten): studying medicine.

That doesn’t mean life just revolves around school or jobs.

I repeatedly get asked how I manage my activities all along school. You ask yourself what I do?

Well, my purpose here is not to brag in any way but to show you the yet-undiscovered abilities within you!

Growing up bilingually, the broad spectrum of languages has fascinated me. I speak four languages and am currently working on two more.

Music has always been a companion in my life. With 6 years I started learning the accordion (2nd place Akkordeon Musik Preis). Now I also play the saxophone, drums and two Persian instrument (tombak and santoor).

I did taekwondo competitivly (Int. German Youth Champion) and am now a coach and referee. Two years ago, in 2021, I started competitive Latin dance and became 3x regional champion since then.

One of my main interests is personal development which is why I learn in my free time about time management, productivity strategies, memory techniques and supplementary skills.